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Speaker: Rev. P. Abetz
 Christian Self Image Sermon: The Christians self image?(1) The image of God! We hear so much about self esteem these days. But is the term "self esteem" a Christian concept? For Christians, the term "self image" is perhaps a better word. Our self image should be shaped by what God has to say about us. We will explore the tension between being lost sinners, yet redeemed in Christ. Which should get the most focus? SERMON: The Christian Self Image (2) the Problem of Sin and Guilt. Today‚Äôs sermon builds on the previous one of self image. Christians often feel guilty, which leads to a less than Biblical self-image. We will explore the difference between false guilt, and how God offers a permanent solution to all feelings of guilt through the saving work of Jesus Christ.
Speaker: Rev Reinier Noppers
 Jonah Series on the book of Jonah
Speaker: Ross Patterson
 Numbers Series on the book of Numbers